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Krieghoff K-20 parcours shotgun


About the K-20 Parcours

Elegant and Reliable – the K-20 Parcours

High driven pheasants in England, a sky filled with doves in Argentina, fast red legged partridges in Spain call for a reliable, fast moving shotgun. The New K-20 Parcours, your perfect companion in the field. The perfectly balanced K-20 Parcours leads to a smooth swing, instinctive aim and precise shooting. First and foremost the key to success is the intuitive mount of the gun, the rest follows naturally. Your instinct aims – the K-20 Parcours hits. Shotguns are designed for shooting moving targets. Clay or Game Shooting is a fast sport leaving little time to get on target. It requires a well balanced and easy pointing shotgun. Shooter and gun become one. The K-20 Parcours delivers. Light and slim, the K-20 Parcours is an easy transition from a 12 gauge. The gun has all of the proven K-80 features in a scaled down, small gauge version. The streamlined, low profile receiver complete with light barrels and trim stock provides excellent balance and handling characteristics.

Specifications and Options

Gauge: 20/76 (3"), 28/76 (3")
Barrels: 30" or 32"
Rib: 7mm tapered rib, soldered with side ribs
Chokes: Fixed Chokes (M (1/2) - IM (3/4))
Sights: White pearl front bead and metal center bead
Action: Nickel plated steel action (hinge screws, top latch, screws and pins are blued)
Trigger: Single selective mechanical trigger, adjustable for finger length. Trigger pull: Approximately 3-3/4 lbs.
Safety: Top tang push button safety. Can be locked in “off“ position
Stock: Fine-checkered select Turkish walnut with oil finish
Forearm: Slim Field Style
Grade/Engraving: Light scroll engraving pattern, alternatively "Vintage Scroll" engraving
Weight: Approximately 7.0 lbs.
Case: All K-20 sporting guns come in a fitted hard case

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