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JP ENTERPRISES jp-22r rifle


With the price of centerfire .223 ammunition where it is, some are looking for an inexpensive practice solution that can match the size and weight of a real centerfire rig. Others would just like to have a very high-quality AR-compatible system in .22 LR for recreational shooting in situations or venues that do not allow the centerfire option. Wherever your need comes from, we finally offer a .22 LR conversion compatible with any of our small-frame receivers, including side-charging models.

Now, you can order a .22 LR upper or complete rifle that exactly matches your competition gun's weight and handling characteristics, all assembled with the same build quality and high-grade components used in our centerfire rifles. The problem with most of the inexpensive .22 rimfire ARs is that they are so light and flimsy that they can't reasonably duplicate the feel of your match rifle, and what benefit is there to training with something that handles completely differently?

Quality matters; rather than a plastic AR rimfire copy, you could buy a real AR-15 rimfire rifle. The choice is yours.


Receiver: JP-15, SCR-11, PSC-11 or CTR-02

Receiver Finish: Matte black

Barrel: Supermatchâ„¢ 18" .22 LR light contour stainless steel barrel

Barrel Finish: Machined stainless

Muzzle Treatment: 1/2-28 TPI thread adaptor

Caliber: .22 LR (using Black Dog or Black Dog clone magazines)

Buttstock: A2 or ACE ARFX

Grip: Hogue pistol grip

Hand Guard: Extra long JP rapid configuration hand guard system

Operating System: JP proprietary rimfire action

Trigger: JP fire control package available in weights of 3.0-4.5 lbs

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