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Browning’s B725 has been with us for about three years now. Gradually, the range is expanding as we’ve seen various versions of the Hunter or game version and also a 20-bore. An addition to the Sporting range is the Black Edition. It is effectively the same as the standard Sporter, with the most obvious change that all the metalwork, with the exception of the gold-plated trigger, is blacked.

The metalwork has little engraving, there are wavy lines or ribbons through the side of the action that break up what would otherwise be a plain action and it’s enough for the look of this gun. After all, it is a clay gun with a contemporary look and feel, but there is a little more to the Black Edition than that.

A quality look

The woodwork has been changed to American walnut, which is a darker variation on walnut, with a redder hue. This can have tighter figuring, as can be seen on the Black Edition. Drop points have also been carved into the stock at the head, which adds to the quality look of the gun.

Another obvious change is the extended DS invector chokes. This system was designed for the B725 and has a bronze seal at its base, while the tubes themselves are stainless steel. These extended tubes have knurled ends to make them easy to change and have a gold ring, which adds to the overall look of the gun.

The barrels are 76mm and have the B725’s Vector-Pro back-bored system to minimise recoil and optimise patterns. The barrels are chrome-lined and carry special steel shot proof. Ribs are ventilated both centre and top to reduce weight and maximise cooling. The top rib is 10mm parallel with a central channel to draw the eye. The muzzle is finished with a white foresight.

This version of the B725 has an entirely black receiver with a futuristic engraving on it.

Code Barrel length (mm-inch)

0135973002 810-32

0135973003 760-30

0135973004 710-28

0136153002 810-32

0136153003 760-30

0136153004 710-28


Calibre: 12-76

Barrel: Back bored Vector Pro

Chokes: 5 Invectors DS Extended: Cyl, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 & Full

Top rib: 10mm

Barrel finish: Blued

Action frame: Steel

Wood grade: American Grade 5/6

Wood: Oil finish

Stock style: Pistol grip with palm swell

Length: 375mm

Drop at comb: 36mm

Drop at heel: 56mm

Forearm: Tulip

Weight: 3.6kg

Notes: Gun lock, choke key

Options: Auto safety parts included Available in Left Hand version 2 Extra triggers supplied

Packaging: ABS Case

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