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browning BAR Mark-2 Semi Auto Safari rifle


Traditional stock, polished blued steel barrel and engraved receiver, select gloss walnut stock, rounded forearm, BOSS optional, gas piston operated semi auto rifle.

Originally designed by Bruce Browning, this is the Browning Autoloading Rifle that started it all. Featuring fine Walnut, a precision machined ordinance steel receiver and a hammer forged barrel, this magnificent BAR will make autoloading enthusiasts out of the most skeptical riflemen. Classic in looks and contemporary in performance, the BAR MK II Safari is the hunting rifle that sets the bar for every other autoloader on the planet.

Hammer-forged barrel provides outstanding strength, lasting durability and precise accuracy.

The barrel’s target-type Crown enables a more uniform release of gas as the bullet exits the muzzle, helping prevent any unwanted shift in bullet trajectory. The barrel Crown is recessed to help protect it from accidental impact damage that can degrade accuracy.

Patented BOSS® device available on certain models of the BAR MK II Safari model allows your to dial-in barrel harmonics to maximize accuracy with your favorite load.

Scroll-engraved ordinance steel receiver on the BAR MK II Safari is drilled and tapped for scope mounts to provide a rock-solid optics mounting platform.

Gas-operated autoloader with a high-strength multiple lug rotating bolt that locks directly into the barrel.

Seven-lug bolt and precise breech-to-chamber relationship give the BAR exceptional accuracy and the strength of handle modern magnum class cartridges.

Strong, rigid action bar/inertia block link-up improves accuracy by reducing barrel vibration.

Buffering mechanism reduces wear and stress on the rifle’s mechanism for longer life and greater reliability.

Bolt release lever is incorporated in the BAR’s receiver for maximum reliability and ease of access, even when wearing gloves.

BAR MK II Safari is equipped with a traditional detachable box magazine for quick and easy loading and unloading, in the field or on the range.

Magazine capacity on the BAR MK II Safari is 3 rounds in WSM calibers, 4 rounds in traditional magnum calibers and 5 rounds in standard calibers.

Trigger design provides a crisp pull that breaks like a glass rod.

Generous trigger guard opening allows easy access, even when wearing gloves.

Richly blued steel finish is a stunning reflection of the gunmaker’s art.

Charging handle on the bolt is sculpted to give you a solid grasp without snagging on your clothing or rifle scabbard.

Crossbolt safety offers easy accessibility without removing your firing hand from the stock. You can quickly manipulate the safety, or verify the position of the safety, without losing your sight picture or cheek weld.

Walnut stock on the BAR MK II Safari has cut checkering on the pistol grip and fore-end to improve your grip, and a beautiful deep gloss finish that brings out every nuance of the warm grain of the wood.

Traditional recoil pad on the BAR MK II Safari greatly reduces felt recoil and flinching.

Sling swivel studs are pre-installed for easy mounting of your sling.

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