harrier xts

The NEW Harrier XTS is the upgrade on the existing Harrier model, that now comes with an improved tilt turn base that allows for extreme side tilt and quick alterations in angle setting for perfect target presentation.
It has a 200 clay capacity carousel and a throwing distance of 73 m/ 240 ft, which makes the Harrier XTS a firm favourite to small clubs, shooting groups or those looking for an adaptable personal use trap.
We’ve designed this machine by combining some of our renowned commercial features with robust design, to offer an affordable, versatile and high performance trap.
Throwing distance: 73m/240 ft. 
NEW Tilt turn base .
Available in Standard or Midi. 
Holds 200 clays. 
Knife separators for clays.
2 second re-cocking time. 
50º elevation. 
Powered by 12 V battery. 
50m release cable. 
3 year warranty.



The Merlin is a 150 clay capacity machine making it an excellent trap for home use, corporate
entertainment or small clubs. Like its brother machine the Hobby, it is robust, portable and can show a variety of target presentations, and has the added bonus as it can hold an extra 100 clays. This machine contains high quality components and comes at an affordable price.
The Merlin comes with a stationary foot base, or can be purchased with a trolley as an additional extra (see below).
Up to 70m throwing distance.
Holds 150 clays.
Standard clay machine.
Under 2 seconds recocking time.
Up to 40º elevation.
Powered by 12 V battery.
3 year warranty.
Trolley comes as an optional extra.



Wobble Base for Merlin


Single Channel Radio for Merlin


Battery Charger for Merlin


Trolley for Merlin


Battery for Merlin


DTL-ATA Base for Merlin


super hawk
Super Hawk ABT. The brief for our design team was a difficult one – produce the most competitively priced trap available, suitable for personal use, but a trap that can match the performance of traps found on commercial grounds. The design solution was the Super Hawk that throws almost one target per second, which allows you to create a true following pair, using its powerful motor. If the speed and distance are not challenging enough, then add a midi carousel to truly test your skills (midi carousel is included).
If you wish, you can add an ABT base later, or have the Super Hawk ABT ready to provide repeat and random targets.
Ideal for the seasoned shooter as a personal use machine.
65 clay capacity, personal use machine.
Throwing distance of up to 90m.
Max elevation up to 50 degrees.
Ultra quick 1.5 second re-cocking time.
50m command cable with fire button included.
Midi carousel included.
ABT version available, or ABT base can be retro fitted.
3 year parts warranty.
Powered from a 12v battery (not included).

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