beretta A400 lite hunting shotgun

Beretta A4 Lite Hunting Shotgun

BERETTA A401 Lite. Competitively Priced at only ZAR 25000-00 Plus Vat.

The semiautomatic shotgun combining the Kick-Off Plus shock absorption with the unrivaled Beretta Steelium barrel and a great package of smart, lightweight polymeric solutions. The perfect blend of strength, agility, precision and technology.

The Beretta A400 semiautomatic is assembled with a very low number of components. It breaks down into five major parts, making it simple to take apart and clean. Easy cleaning facilitates maintenance, which, in turn, ensures reliability over time.

The B-Link gas operating system is the most reliable in the world. The power of this system, combined with the precision of the rotating bolt, ensures a fast, reliable and smart cycle. As fast as the blink of an eye: hence his name B-Link.
The need for maintenance is the lowest ever, and cleaning your firearm will be extremely easy, fast and safe.

The rotating bolt head further reduces the perceived recoil by directing the energy generated by the shot directly in line with the shooter's shoulder. This minimizes the muzzle jump and allows for greater shotgun stability on subsequent shots.


Barrel Length: 66 cm
Barrel Type: Optima Bore HP
Chamber: 3"
Locking System: Rotating bolt head
Recoil Pad: MicroCore® (20 mm)
Top Rib: 6X6
Left Handed: No
Scope Mount: Yes
Stock Finishing/Color: Synthetic Black
Barrel Finishing/Color: Matt blueing
Gauge: 20
Activity: Waterfowl, Upland
Bore Diameter: 18.6 mm
Choke: OCHP
Reciprocating System: Gas Operated
Stock: Pistol
Product Segment: Hunting
Reducer: Removable reducer
Ready for Gunpod: No
Choke: 6X6 BVP, Choke Tubes whrench set 1-3-5
Accessories: 2 quick assembly Barrel Swivels, Stock Plates set 50/65 and 1" Spacer

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